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Individually hand crafted using the very finest materials.

 Our beautiful traditional Western Cedar hot tubs are crafted using nothing but the very best materials and the highest quality workmanship resulting in an investment that will last many many years. We only use knot-free, all-heart vertical grain Western Cedar from Canada. Our staves (the vertical timbers) and base are 1-3/4” thick making them considerably thicker than other wooden hot tubs. Western Red Cedar resists warping and twisting and is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids. It smells Devine too!.

Place just about anywhere

The beauty of having a log fired hot tub is that you can place it just about anywhere without the need for an electrical supply. Enjoy the sensation of bathing in the outdoors with the great smell of burning Ash or Oak wafting around you.

Electrically powered versions available

If you can't be bothered with stoking the fire, then electrically powered versions are also available. 

Installation is easy.

The tubs are only 1.1 metres high so they can be lifted in sideways through a gap no smaller than this. If you don’t have the minimum access then we can build the tub in your garden. Please ask for more information.

Free site surveys

We will pleased to visit your property to advise you on the installation of a Cedar Hot Tub.


Place your order at our stand at the Bath & West Showground and we will discount the price of your tub by 10%